The Story

profflabProfessor Yzôk was an extraordinary scientist, and he was working for Sandez pharmaceutical company,

The company robbed his inventions in new scalar-waves-modulated drugs,

After a long time in the dark, he wants to heal people, but, he needs to get revenge…

He’s preparing a vaccine for the new formed viruses in the planet… the T-4!  and with the new vaccine, he will be stronger than the pharmaceutical corporations!



dialeg Professor Yzôk needs the Virus Capsules to create the vaccine, and proposes Mike to go inside ami’s body to kill viruses, save Ami and get the capsules…








scannerMike accepts, even if it’s so risky, so, he really wants to save Ami… He gets to the Micro-Scoper-ionized-laser-Scanner  and comes in cellular size…








pinchoFinally, in the capsule, is injected by the proffessor to the Ami’s circulatory system to fight against the viruses










There it begins the game! a travel in to the veins hitting viruses, taking atp, and Lococytes!!!!!



Just ready to play!