The Game

Capture_014Prepare to be micro-scoped at cellular size,  and get injected into your best friend’s body to save his life before his heart stops due to a virus menace!

Travel through the circulatory system equipped with quantum-nano surfboard and chase the virus to success!

Lococytes is a virtual cyber style rail-shooter inside the human body, you travel across a hexagonal cellular tubular world and body organs



Capture_001Take ATP molecules!, the blood is full of them, they give you an extra energy to boost your surfboard’s velocity.

Leucocytes will help you…

Pass near them and you take it. Later when you need it, you can throw and use as a grenade, they kill everything!  … except big T-4…





Capture_004 In constant advance, you can move lateraly and up/down side, boost velocity and brake, with the mouse you can point enemies and shoot.

In the intra-venous tubular world, player goes forward constantly, but can choose next way in some bifurcations, as he wants to repeat a zone to kill a forgotten enemy, or to chase the virus Boss: The T-4





Virus!Proffessor Yzôk, from otuside, gives you indications in holographic scanning appearence, and gives you advice!


He needs the T-4 Virus capsules and will help you arround your trip!







Capture_010Be careful,  when you go through the heart valves!

Take advance to dodge them without hitting, so,  you will need to synchronize with ami’s heart…


When Big Virus T-4 is dead, you save Ami and you win!





Capture_009Go to the brain, a very special brighty place, where T-4 likes to be…








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